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Liebherr LTM1160/2 200 Ton Crane

This crane has been used to lift sailboats, concrete boxes, precast, construction equipment such as dozer blades, and much more. Construction companies rely on our Liebherr 200 ton crane to lift steel top roofs and roofing kits onto resort buildings in Kaanapali and Wailea.

RT50 Link Belt 50 Ton Crane

This crane is suitable to lift up to 100,000 lbs. We have set large air conditioning units on rooftops as well as materials for top level floors that a forklift or skylift cannot reach.

23 Ton National Boom Truck

When you need something lifted or moved and don’t have room to navigate, our 23 ton Boom truck may be just what you need. From installing or removing trees for resort landscaping to installing grease traps for Maui’s restaurants, this boom truck will get it done.

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